Rainbow circles of hope

We have had an idea, to make jumpers for our beautiful trees on the front lawn (no trees will be damaged or harmed in this project). Residents and friends are knitting away but we are slow and will need your help!

We would like you to invite you join in our fun and knit or crochet an 8-inch square, out of brightly coloured wool. Alternatively, you could make a larger panel that could be stitched together with others. In the picture you can see some ideas as to how you could decorate your squares or embroider a message.

All knitting received, will be put into quarantine for 72 hours. We will then patch work all the beautiful art work together and stitch it around our trees to make a lovely bright rainbow display.

If you cannot knit, you could make large pom poms. If you are an expert knitter with time on your hands perhaps the odd animal might appear in our trees.

We hope that this will turn into a fundraising opportunity (not for ourselves) but a named charity to be decided, if you have any ideas please let us know your suggestions.

When this is over ... we would love you to visit us, find your artwork and meet our wonderful staff and residents.

Please share this with anyone you think would like to support us in this fun project to create St Johns Home Rainbow circles of hope

Happy knitting everyone

Stay safe

Jane Elliott


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