Literally bags of kindness!

We care. We are in this together. The St John's family and I feel so blessed by all of the incredible acts of kindness that we have been shown. Our staff team are feeling particularly encouraged and I cannot begin to explain how your kindness and prayers are lifting the hearts of our team and making us feel strong.

One example of this kindness came from a lady who lives behind St John's. She volunteered to make laundry bags for our staff team to safely transport their uniforms home for washing after each shift. She emailed me Thursday. And by Saturday she had recruited some of her neighbours and together they had made 70 laundry bags! Each bag had a little red felt heart attached. The photograph shows some of our staff team with their new laundry bags.

This wonderful lady told us that, "You care for your residents and we care about you!"

Thank you everyone for you love and support.


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